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Servant and Master - The Usual Torture

Sakuya's face felt hot, and it had little to do with the steaming tub of water he was filling. If anything, worrying about that and fiddling with the temperature, testing it with his fingers and adjusting the valves helped to calm him down. No, it was the knowledge of what was sure to come... still, there was nothing he could do about it. His master's orders were absolute.

Adding bath salts and finally the scented bubble solution, the butler rolled up his sleeve so he could stir his arm through the water, helping it froth up as it started to fill the basin. Well, that looked about right...

"Lady Kajali," he called out as he rose to his feet, walking over to the door and opening it. "Your bath is ready."
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The redhead was lounging in a robe on her bed when Sakuya entered the room, one sleeve rolled up but otherwise prim and proper. It annoyed the crap out of her. Picking on him was one of her favorite past times. "I hope it's the right temperature and you perfumed it correctly." Kajali rolled out of bed regardless, reaching around to grab her braid and start to undo her hair. "I'll be majorly pissed off if it isn't you know."

She stopped as soon as she was nearly toe to toe with the servant, craning her head to look up at him. "Don't look so alarmed, this is only because the maid is out on vacation. I don't bite." This promise was punctuated with an almost devious smile before she slipped passed him into the bathroom.
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The bathroom was large, the white marble floors extensive and covered with thick white rugs that hugged her toes as she approached the clawfoot tub. Lightly her fingers rested on the tie around her waist, stopping beside the tub before turning slightly to look back at the white haired servant. "I hope you dont think you can leave. I need your help bathing." She tilted her head just slightly as she let that sink in, before turning back to the bath, pulling back one sleeve to run her fingers through the water.

It smelled perfect, the water just the right level of heat. Well, at least he wasnt completely useless. She scrapes her teeth over her bottom lip nervously, before straightening, and started to work the knot open on her robe. "Close the door already, and come take my robe."
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She peers up at him even as his eyes are set aside, the blush on his cheeks obvious. Well, maybe she could rile him up after all, and she focuses again on pulling the tie free, and then slipping the robe off her shoulders, letting it drop to her wrists for him to take.

Standing there like this, something that had played over in her mind several times before, was more nerve wracking then she could have imagined, heart pounding in her chest so loud that she was sure he could hear it. This was embarrassing, her body was not something she was very proud of, but she couldn't just give in and cover herself up. This was a challenge she had taken on and intended to see through to the end.