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[The video suddenly turns on to what appears to be a video game. For those who play it, they might recognize the game as being SBurb, that weird game with the strange terrain generator and enormous item-creator. Which, judging by the totem-lathe and alchemiter and other weird shit he has set up, is what this guy - some kind of impeccably dressed rogue with silver hair - is in the middle of fooling around with. There also appears to be a conversation in progress over in the chat box:]

-- clockworkPerfectionist [CP] began pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] at 19:12 --

CP: Alright. I am back.
CP: As per your instructions, I combined the Nick of Time and the Reverse Rewinder.
CP: I think something may have gone wrong, however.

AG: Whaaaaaaaat?
AG: I told you, that's an awesome com8in8ion. It m8kes one of the strongest weapons there is for a new8.
AG: What the hell happened????????

CP: Well, it...
CP: I suspect it may have become bugged or something.
CP: As I do not think this can possibly be right.

AG: 8ugged????????
AG: It shouldn't 8e 8ugged. I haven't heard of a 8ug that screws up m8king weapons.
AG: What did you get?

CP: It made
CP: You know what? I will just send you a picture.
CP: Once I figure out how.
CP: I think I got it, one second...
CP: Wait, that was not right.

[...is the last part of the log when the screen turns on. Obviously Sakuya, in his mucking about looking for how to print-screen, managed to feed a live recording of his computer onto the intranet. And the conversation continues:]

AG: Out with it!!!!!!!!
AG: It's just the name of a weapon. It's not like you're telling me anything particularly personal or that I haven't seen 8efore.
AG: I have all the levels, remember???????? All of them. So I have 8asically seen everything there is to see.

CP: It says it is called
CP: The "Paradoxfucker".

[And the item in question pops up on screen: it looks like a knife, a clock and a mobius strip had a three-way baby. And in bright, blinking letters it says: You have created the Paradoxfucker!]

AG: Ahahahahahahaha!
AG: That's exaaaaaaaactly what it was supposed to m8ke. Nicely done!
AG: You have to admit how 8ad-ass it is. You really do.
AG: I mean, unless you wanted something laaaaaaaame. 8ut why would you want that????????

CP: What
CP: It's really called
CP: The Paradoxfucker?

[Offscreen, Vriska all but falls out of her chair with how hard she's laughing. This was a better reaction than she had expected.]

AG: It is.
AG: Isn't it awesome????????
AG: Just imagine yourself charging into 8attle with it raised high. "8ehold the power of the Paradoxfucker, 8itches!!!!!!!!"

CP: I do not think
CP: This game is appropriate for me to be playing.
CP: I do not think
CP: It is appropriate for anyone to be playing.